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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I think the Dems are going to have to work harder than this to get back on track

Governor Locke's recipe for taking back America is a bland political call for listening to the people. What I found most interesting was his statement about what the Democratic party stands for: "The Democratic Party has long been the champion of working people everywhere. We are the party that fights for economic, educational and social opportunities and fairness for everyone, whether farmers, blue-collar workers, the elderly, women or minorities. We have always embraced rural values - family, community, hard work, love of country, respect and trust." It sounds awfully good in the abstract, doesn't it, but it doesn't play out in the reality of the Democratic party, which is increasingly hostile to and disrespectful of the values it espouses. A short list of values antithetical to the pap above are increased taxes on the middle class; profound disrespect for religion; a belief that those who don't agree with Demos are stupid; a world-view that infantilizes women and minorities by constantly assigning them victim status; a pop culture that's disrespectful of religion, parenting, patriotism, and a lot of other things ordinary Americans hold dear; cultural relativism that allows them to compare Israel, because it built a wall to protect its citizens, to the Nazi's, who directly slaughtered over 8 million people (6 million of whom were Jews). And on and on and on. Contrary to the Dems' belief, Americans are not stupid, and they're doing a pretty good job of seeing the fairly unpleasant substance behind the "we love all the good people" mantra.