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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Amusing article with a good point

Michael Graham:

"But are the Scrooges right that Christmas must be about Christ's birth or it shouldn't be celebrated at all? I understand why Christians would want all the world to put Christ at the center of their Christmases. But that is impossible. What's left, though, is a celebration of the idea that selflessness and generosity ought to be celebrated. The specific theology of Jesus might be optional at Christmastime, but his spirit, often re-packaged under the label 'Christmas spirit,' is still there. Is that such a bad thing? "
The quoted language comes near the end of a very funny article about attempts to de-Christianize Christmas. As someone who grew up happily singing carols (see post below), celebrating Santa, lighting the menorah, and generally being very comfortable as a Jew enjoying an inviting and, as presented in the public forum, secular holiday, I second his point of view.