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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bush is not a religious zealot

My mother (Hi, Mom!), in common with many others, fears Bush based on the mainstream medias' characterization of him as a loony tunes right wing religious nut. Nothing I've seen or heard about him supports this extreme depiction, and I think Kathleen Parker's article is a good summing-up about what Bush really is -- or certainly what he's shown himself to be so far. Kathleen Parker: "Hardly a day passes without Americans being reminded of the debt President George W. Bush owes religious conservatives for their role in his re-election. Evangelical Christians - about 26 million of them - turned out in droves and are ready for payback, we keep hearing. The only problem is, Bush isn't the president of just one constituency, as he noted in his first press conference following the election. Nor is Bush the culture warrior some insist he is. "