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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'm seeing a "must see" video

Reading the Mental Ward (Churchill) blog, I came across the link to a winner in the liberty film festival called Brainwashing 101. I'm watching it now (with some difficulty, because my link keeps dying), and I strongly urge every one of you to take the 46 minutes out of your day and watch it too. It's horrifying. In the way of the best -- honest -- documentaries, it simply lets the faculty and administrators at the campuses convict themselves out of their own mouths. The bit that keeps running through my head is the economics professor who complains that the Board of Trustees is his biggest problem because it has the temerity to demand that the classrooms provide balanced opinions by presenting, in his words, "enough different perspectives." The professor's feeling: he's the expert, and his is the only opinion that matters. This follows within seconds of hearing him complain that students who enter his class are incapable of critical thinking. I suspect that students who leave his class carrying with them that same inability. If you have a child in college or who will one day go to college, you'll be failing your child if you don't watch this film and learn what's going on in modern American education. Previous posts on education today: This happened in Georgia, of all places The state of American education continues to dismay Colleges and indoctrination Another landmark on my road to conservatism "Wither" higher education? Free speech is dead on campus, but alive on the internet