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Monday, October 24, 2005

Thinker's block

Blogging has been light today and will probably continue light tomorrow. Today's lightness was a peculiar form of procrastination in which I regularly engage. I'd done something stupid (not bad, just stupid) last week, and it came back to haunt me this week. I knew what I had to do to deal with the results of my act, but found the remedial step distasteful and somewhat humiliating. So I spent all day avoiding doing it. To justify avoiding doing what I should do, I also had to stop blogging, which is what I like to do. And I got depressed and become ineffective with regard to my work. I finally bit the bullet a couple of hours ago, did what I had to do to begin remedying my error -- and I feel like a load has been taken off my shoulders. I'll still have consequences from my original action, but I'm back in the driver's seat. Still, because I was procrastinating about work, I've got to put in a double effort tomorrow, which will preclude anything but a few blog moments.