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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The inferiority complex religion stabs a nun.

Can anyone identify for me any religion other than Islam where the adherents go on bloody rampages every time they think their religion has been slighted? The most recent was in Egypt, where Muslims went on yet another bloody rampage directed against a Coptic Church. The reason? These Muslims were deeply offended that the Coptic Church was performing a play telling the story of Muslims going on a rampage against a members of the Coptic faith. You'd have to be in a coma to miss the irony here. It seems to me that, if the Muslims actually had a secure belief in their own religious superiority, they wouldn't feel the need to go out and kill, on a regular basis, anyone who hints that there might be some problems, not even with core doctrine, but with how the religion is actually practiced. Perhaps it's because I grew up with the concept of a free speech, which requires that ideas be strong enough to be defensible against intellectual attack, but I find utterly foreign the belief that the only way to defend an idea is with the sword. As you ponder this question, I leave you with this picture of the bloodied nun alluded to in this post's caption: