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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Free speech is dead on campus, but alive on the internet

DePaul University has invited Ward Churchill to speak, which it has a right to do, even though the man is an academic fraud, an America-hater, and, to all appearances, a poser and an idiot. Having said that, the University has gone one step further by actively squelching the campus Republicans' attempt to protest Churchill's visit. There's a web site entirely dedicated to the University's adventures with stupidity and censorship, which you will find here. Hat tip: Power Line Blog UPDATE: Just a heads up that, if you go to Out of the Binjo Ditch, Steve (with a kind reference to yours truly) has focused on another side of the free speech issue. To summarize his question without finesse, he asks whether all types of speeches should be foisted on all types of audiences.