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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Colleges and indoctrination

This time it's Suzanne Fields writing about what passes for education, but is in fact indoctrination into anti-Americanism and fetishistic sexual practices, at some of our supposedly premier and certainly very expensive American colleges:

Smith College, the elite school that once was only for women, and still is, sort of, has a different problem. About two-dozen women who arrived as female have become male, more or less. The Financial Times reports that some of the more traditional "girls in pearls" on campus think the new "guys" should transfer to a co-ed college. Smith has long been "gay friendly," but now that girls have become "boys," Smithies joke that the school motto is "Queer in a year or your money back." It's not a joke, and it costs $37,000 a year. Somewhere Sophia Smith is spinning. The Massachusetts woman who left her fortune to create a college where women "could develop as fully as may be the powers of womanhood" did not have a third sex in mind. Once known for their dedication to academic rigor, Smith students voted to change the school constitution to purge all "gender-specific" language. No "she" and no "her," but an all-purpose "student." The Rev. L. Clark Seelye, the first president of Smith College, said that the study of English should produce clarity of thought and expression. Other seats of higher learning have gone farther, creating synthetic pronouns, using "hir" for "her" or "his," and "ze" for "she" and "he." You thought "herstory" for "history" was a joke.
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