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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Does the Times really want to make an enemy of this woman?

I'm sure you've all read about how the NY Times is working tirelessly to destroy Judith Miller's reputation. If you haven't John Podhoretz has as good a summation of this spectacle as any I've seen. My point to ponder this morning, before I begin the work that I ought to be doing, is whether the Times is being a bit shortsighted in turning on a woman who has the capacity to reveal that paper's own secrets. If I were the Times, I'd provide Miller with a lukewarm defense that wouldn't stoke her anger. As it is, if I were Judith Miller, I'd start putting out information regarding the Times own inner workings -- information I'm sure is not pretty. Of course, the wagons will circle. Other members of the MSM will bury such stories (Barbara Walter's girl will not be hustling Miller for an appearance on the show), but it would still be important to have that information out there. Are you listening, Judy? UPDATE: Aside from making a bad enemy, a post at the Captain's Quarters asks whether the Times' reprehensible and dishonorable conduct could actually deny it the prize it seeks -- indictments aimed at the heart of the Bush administration. Ironically, the Grey Lady's attack dogs may be making Miller too useless to function as prosecution witness.