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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Winners of the Great Conservative Slogan Contest

Thanks to all who voted in the first Great Conservative Slogan Contest. The voting is closed and I've gathered the results. And without further ado, here are the winning slogans: Best NSA slogan [by Laer]:

Bush spied, terrorists died.
Best slogan about Democrats [by Kevin]:
Democrats -- a 40 year war on poverty and still no exit strategy
Best slogan about education [by Dennis Travis]:
Help stamp out literacy -- support the teachers' union.
Best slogan about life and death issues [by Patrick O'Hannigan]:
Aren't you glad your mother was pro-life?
Best anti-terrorism slogan [by Laer]:
Give peace a chance. Kill a terrorist.
Best "I support Bush" slogan [by Lissa]:
I stubbed my toe. Impeach Bush!
Best "I support the war and our troops" slogan [by Anonymous]:
Peace through victory.
Best "money and responsibility" slogan [by Quadko]:
Keep your socialism out of my paycheck!
Best "this is liberalism" slogan [by Unknown, so it's probably not original to my readers, but it really is a good one]:
Liberals: so open-minded, their brains fell out.
Best original "this is liberalism" slogan [by Quadko]:
It takes a conservative to feed a liberal.
Best "free speech/ACLU" slogan [by Sammy]:
ACLU: Aiding and Abetting America's Enemies.
Best MSM slogan [by The Good Lt]:
Reporters aren't liberal -- and the 9/11 hijackers weren't Muslims.
Best "the USA is a great place" slogan [by our own Don Quixote]:
I will not be intimidated. I will not be silenced. I am an American.
Best "election 2008" slogan [by Bilgeman]:
Vote for a REAL strong woman . . . Condoleeza!
Best religion slogan [by Quadko]:
Free to be religious.
Best of the rest [by Lissa]:
Casey Sheehan deserves a better spokesperson.
I will be scanning every bumpersticker I see from now on in the hopes of finding these clever, interesting and insightful slogans cropping up on America's cars. Thanks again to all of you who participated, both by submitting all those wonderful ideas, and by voting. [If you want to see all of the slogans in the contest, check here. You're also still welcome to vote, although I will no longer be counting votes.]