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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We are winning

At American Thinker, Jeff Hale has written about the fact that we are winning, no matter the Press obsessions. A liberal I know is especially taken with war reporting at the micro level -- that is, each soldier fatality means we've lost the war -- and I can't seem to convince him that war is a big picture, replete with personal tragedies. The tragedies are personally important, but they are not the story nor the outcome. Jeff Hale says it better:

The most troubling aspect to me is how the American public – in fact, our culture as a whole in this day and age – view battlefield casualties. The United States of America – its citizenry, mind you, definitely not its warriors – cannot effectively fight another major war if the deaths of brave warriors are turned into an argument against pressing on to victory. Iraq has been a three year operation resulting in 2000 battlefield fatalities, liberating 26 million people from the clutches of a tyrant. If 2000 deaths can send the public into hysteria, how will we fare if we face a determined enemy willing to sacrifice on the scale we saw in World War II, when battlefield casualties ran into the millions?
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