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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A new use for Darth Vader's helmet

[Please scroll down, or click here, to vote in the Conservative Slogan Contest. Your votes matter.] I don't know why, but I found this story incredibly funny:

A shiny black toilet is the centerpiece of a San Anselmo couple's guest bathroom that features lava rock walls, gaudy orange floor tiles and a nude woman emblazoned on a frosted glass shower door. The interior decor of Bruce and Suzanne Stein's home is more reminiscent of the popular 1960s television cartoon featuring Fred and Wilma Flintstone than a photo layout one sees in Architectural Digest or Modern Homes. But it's a good thing the Steins resisted the temptation to remodel when they purchased the two-bedroom, two-bath home in 1997. Instead, they focused on a new roof and flooring and figured the time would come for a new downstairs bathroom. The time has come. The Steins won American Standard's 2005 "Ugliest Bathroom" contest and will be awarded $25,000 toward a remodeling job. "We always considered it a cave," said Bruce Stein, 47, a procurement manager for an East Bay firm. "It was a project that we were going to get to. A friend of ours described it best when he said, 'it was like going to the bathroom in Darth Vader's helmet.' Some of our guests have been too scared to use it."
It's just such a nice $25,000 piece of luck for an ordinary Joe and Jane who were willing to put up with really ugly.