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Monday, February 13, 2006

Vote in the Great Conservative Slogan Contest

It's here at last -- your opportunity to vote on the great conservative slogans that have been pouring in for the past two weeks. I created 14 different self-explanatory categories, and included all suggestions with that "bumper sticker" ring to them. You can vote in every category, and you can cast a vote every day. I'll tally results and announce winners on Thursday, February 16 or Friday, February 17. I was thrilled with the number and quality of slogans submitted. Thank you so much, and be sure to vote early and often. [Disclaimer and Information]: The slogans included in this contest do not necessarily reflect my views on the matters at issue. For the idea behind this contest, check here.]

Vote for your favorite NSA slogan:
Terrorist surveillance IS Constitutional.
Bush spied, terrorists died.
I got tapped by the NSA program, and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker.
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Vote for your favorite slogan about Democrats
Imagine the Senate without Massachusetts.
Hypocrisy: The first and last refuse of Democrats.
Demagogues: Democrats in Action.
Democrats -- a 40 year war on poverty and still no exit strategy
Howard Dean -- Master of Mean
Want to give away our country? Join the Democrats.
Honk if you don't like Donks.
Support our Democrats -- Bring them home!
Democrats -- free only to conform.
Democrats -- subverting free speech for tyranny.
Democrats -- like the school nurse who hands out aspirin, but can't cure anything.
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Vote for your favorite education slogan
Schools we can vouch(er) for.
My public library and that tower in Italy both lean left.
Help stamp out literacy -- support the teachers' union.
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Vote for your favorite life (and death) slogan
"Pro-Life" means giving it the benefit of doubt.
Aren't you glad your mother was pro-life?
The death penalty saves lives, too.
Pro-Life: Light over Darkness; Pro-Choice: Darkness over Light.
Keep your scalpels off your fetus.
America -- more children needed.
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Vote for your favorite anti-terrorism slogan
"Hindsight alone is not wisdom and second-guessing is not a strategy" (from the SOTU speech)
When someone declares war on you, believe him.
Death to tyrants!
No tolerance for tyranny.
Terrorism is evil. Fight evil!
Give peace a chance. Kill a terrorist.
So "no" to terrorism by being a proud American.
Terrorists: not just for breakfast anymore.
Who would Bin Laden vote for?
Hamas -- a culture of corruption.
Conservatism -- Kills terrorists dead.
Ridicule those who apologize for Islam.
Pity those who are manipulated by Islam.
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Vote for your favorite "I support Bush" slogan
Sane people for Bush.
I stubbed my toe. Impeach Bush!
Bush: Courage in Action!
One Bush can change the whole world.
Dubya -- his liberality exceeds our wishes and thoughts.
I love Bush.
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Vote for your favorite "I support the war and our troops" slogan
Give a terrorist a home -- in Iraq.
Support our troops by supporting the war.
If you're alive and free, thank the US military.
War -- making subversives nervous since 1776.
Peace through victory.
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Vote for your favorite "it's about the money and responsibility" slogan
Free the free market.
From each according to his ability; to each according to his accomplishment.
It's not enough to block Social Security reform. Where will you be when I retire broke?
Democrats applaud as Social Security goes bankrupt.
My Work; My Money; My America; No New Taxes
Keep your hands ON my body, but OFF my money!
Would you hire the government as your money manager? No new taxes.
Keep your socialism out of my paycheck!
Invest in corporate profit.
Risk not, thrive not.
Corporate growth expands horizons.
Wise consumer spending.
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Vote foryour favorite "this is liberalism" (including Hollywood liberalism) slogan.
It is easy to be against. Tell me what you are for.
Liberals whine, conservatives do. Be a doer, not a whiner.
Liberals have excuses; conservatives have solutions.
One, two, three, four! What's with Leftist rhymes?
One nation undivided, without Hollywood.
Somewhere in Massachusetts, a village of idiots is missing its freedom.
Liberals: if you want your opinion, they'll give it to you.
Liberals: we reject your reality and substitute our own.
Liberals -- policing your thoughts since the 60's, Dude!
Hollywood = Hollywood; Real World = Real World.
Liberals: so open-minded, their brains fell out.
Liberals: always there for you when they need something.
One nation, without Hollywood, with liberty and justice for all!
College liberals: 'cause Mommy's still paying the bill.
It takes a conservative to feed a liberal.
Liberals -- they only value the absence of values.
There is only one thing more unpleasant than disagreeing with a liberal -- agreeing with one!
Visit Cuba -- the museum of Socialism.
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Vote for your favorite free speech/ACLU slogan
Free people for free speech.
ACLU: Civil wrongs.
Freedom of speech means speech. Get it?
ACLU: Aiding and Abetting America's Enemies.
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Vote for your favorite "MSM" slogan.
Big government, big media . . . big headache.
The New York Times -- leaking vital government secrets in wartime.
I support journalism, but not its mission.
Public opinion polls aren't news.
Pinchy, step down -- the world can't wait.
Reporters aren't liberal -- and the 9/11 hijackers weren't Muslims.
Bush wins, media spins.
Only in America does the minority party control the press.
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Vote for your favorite "the USA is a great place" slogan
American Power: to be used wisely, but TO BE USED.
America will not shirk her duty.
I will not be intimidated. I will not be silenced. I am an American.
Let freedom ring. It'll drown out the naysayers.
With all its faults, America is still the last, best hope for mankind.
America: Love it or live it!
Patriotism: love for or devotion to ones country.
Got Patriotism?
Never forget 9/11.
God blessed America.
If America's so bad . . . home come the illegals keep coming?
God. Family. Country.
American blood freed Europe.
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Vote for your favorite "Election 2008" slogan
Hillary for citizen!
Clinton/Gore; Clinton/More; Haven't we seen this show before?
The remedy for one Clinton is not another Clinton.
Hillary Clinton . . . since she did such a great job on health care.
Vote for a REAL strong woman . . . Condoleeza!
America needs the opposite of Clinton.
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Vote for your favorite religion slogan
If God should not guide America, who should?
I believe in God. What do you believe in?
No laws concerning religion doesn't outlaw religion.
Free to be religious.
Bad guys always squelch religious choice.
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Vote for all the other good slogans (including Sheehanoia).
There is no such thing as a right to complacency.
Casey Sheehan deserves a better spokesperson.
Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq . . . Making the world a better place on country at a time.
America is the best place in the world to be a woman!
Do not act in fear, but do not fear to act.
Do your best. The rest will take care of itself.
It is not enough to dream; we must do.
The truth matters.
Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be cowards.
Old virtues never die, they just get better with age!
Unions work; it's just too bad their members don't.
America brought freedom to Iraq and hope to the world.
Big government, big problem.
Exit polls aren't votes.
Cindy Sheehan needs comfort, not enabling.
Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your land. Protect your nation. Protect your world. The Conservative ideology.
To the Left, the only good soldier is Cindy Sheehan's son.
Congress is NOT the Executive Branch.
Free Scooter!
Better red than dead. [With a map of the red & blue states.]
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