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Friday, February 10, 2006

Playing to win the ultimate prize

FromClifford D. May:

Muslim demonstrators have been torching embassies, stoning churches and threatening mass murder – to protest cartoons characterizing Muslims as violent extremists. They have been burning flags and stomping on crosses and Stars of David – to express their outrage at those who say they are intolerant. The damage these demonstrators are doing to the image of Islam is incalculable, far beyond what any poison-penned cartoonist could accomplish. So why are they doing it? Machiavelli provided the answer more than 500 years ago. For those who would rule, he said, it is better “to be feared than loved.” By now, all but the most self-deluded among us recognize that Militant Islamists are waging a War Against the West, a deadly jihad against Christians, Jews, Hindus and moderate Muslims. These religiously inspired fascists have no interest in being loved by “infidels.” They do, however, want to inspire fear – and they do want to rule.
I'd be tempted to say "duh," but for the fact that our media and our political leaders (not to mention our self-styled intellectual leaders) either don't get it, or don't want to get it.