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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Veterans target congressional races

Here's a fascinating article about the 100 or so veterans who have thrown their hats into the political ring. What's interesting is that a majority are running as Democrats, hostile to how the war is being carried out (40 are declared Republicans, 55 are declared Democrats). Democrats are delighted, because they believe this significant number gives real credibility to their antiwar stance. I find the numbers curious, but not conclusive (yet) of anything. They're open to two interpretations: Interpretation One: The greater number of Democratic veteran candidates is indeed a significant indicator of troop dissatisfaction with the war, and those of us who support the war should take it very seriously. After all, I opine from my comfortable suburban home, more out of the line of fire than can be imagined, and they've been there. Interpretation Two: The fact that more Republican oriented veterans aren't running simply means that conservative members of the Armed Forces are fairly pleased with the status quo and feel no need to shake things up. Those who are running as Republicans are doing so only because they have political aspirations and might have run in any event. As for the 55 Democratic candidates, they don't represent a movement. Instead, they reflect a tiny fraction of the troops who are otherwise satisfied with their political representation. Could those of my readers familiar with the military (and especially those currently serving) weigh in with their perspectives on this one? Talking to Technorati: , ,