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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Can Carter demean himself more?

I truly think that Jimmy Carter has taken a turn for senility. How else to explain his demeaning performance when he uses the solemn occasion of a funeral to denigrate the current Administration's policies -- and does so in the presence of the sitting President? It does tell us something about Carter's view of the President's office -- since he handled it carelessly and stupidly during his term, he holds it cheaply, and treats it badly. UPDATE: If you really want to see someone rip Carter a new one, check out The Anchoress. Here's just some of what she has to say:

I remember Jimmeh Cartah, and his lovely wife Roslyn, saying of his successor, Ronald Reagan, “anything would be better than what we have in the White House, now!” I remember him having no good words for Bush 41 or Clinton, and certainly not for Bush 43. Jimmeh Cartah never has a good word for anyone but himself, or a third world dictator, and he has never managed to behave in a classy manner - not when he can do the easier, trashier thing and get his accolades from the usual suspects, and lots of coverage. He’s a miserable human being, a man threatened by killer bunnies - the very FIRST of the media whores to completely buy into the hype surrounding him (”a brilliant naval engineer…”) and lose, utterly lose, his mind and his moral compass when the headlines and magazine covers went away.
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