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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why I can't take my kids to the grocery store

Taking my kids to the grocery store is always a bit tiring, because they get the "Can I have" tic, where every sentence begins with the phrase "Can I have...." I can deal with that. But how do I deal with a semi-naked trio gracing the cover of what is, ostensibly, a high-class, mainstream magazine? To give myself a little credit, it's not the skin that bothers me so much with respect to my kids as the connotation of the cover: it presents a naked man and two naked women. In other words, a ménage à trois. That's Playboy stuff and, a long time ago, Playboy was taken away from the register and put in back where mothers don't have to explain covers to kids who are not ready for that type of stuff. Perhaps it's time to move Vanity Fair to the back room too. Talking to Technorati: , ,