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Friday, January 20, 2006

Not surprised and less surprised

I find it unsurprising that Commander in Chief (the "gee, why can't Hillary be president" show) is sinking like a stone. It had the smell of polemic about it, and that never makes for successful entertainment. I've become so inured to the MSM, though, that I was also unsurprised about the opening paragraph of the article announcing the show's collapse:

The new ABC drama series, which earned star Geena Davis a Golden Globe Award this week for her role as the first female U.S. president, seems to be sinking into the same midterm malaise affecting the approval ratings of President Bush; "Commander's" ratings have been declining steadily since bowing to big numbers in September. [Emphasis mine.]
Is there no MSM writer who can write on a subject, any subject, without dragging in some snide remark about the President? In the context of the article, it's a fairly stupid thing to say, especially because Davis is presented as the "Un-Bush." I do wonder, though, if this steady drip-drip of derogation doesn't have it's inevitable effect on people who read too much of this stuff.