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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Judging the Judges

Oh, those wacky judges are at it again! A Massachusetts judge allowed to walk out of her court a man who pled guilty to raping one of his male students, to possessing lots of child pornography, and to distributing pornography to a child (probably the one he raped). In the case of Judge Edward Cashman, he at least pointed to a huge problem with the law that meant the sicko on the other side of his bench couldn't get psychiatric treatment (which is, apparently, slightly more useful than merely locking them up and releasing them again after a few years). Here, Judge Suzanne Delvecchio gave no reason at all for her lenient treatment. World News Daily points out that she was a keynote speaker a few years ago at the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Bar Association's annual dinner, which I think is meant to imply that she's untroubled by man/boy sex. I don't think one can make that leap. Even if Delvecchio is comfortable with homosexuality, it's a far leap from that to man/boy rape. Since this is an extraordinary ruling, and one utterly unrelated to controlling law, I would hope that Delvecchio becomes a little more forthcoming with her reasoning. Otherwise, on its face, it looks like either insanity or a fringe liberal agenda run amok. Hat tip: Stop the ACLU.