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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The old equality joke hits America

Here's a really old joke:

First man: Come the revolution, everyone will drive a Rolls Royce. Second man: What if I don't want to drive a Rolls Royce? First man: Come the revolution, you'll have to.
I couldn't help thinking of this old joke when I read Dennis Prager's column proposing that what the Left hates more than anything else is inequality. They're stuck in perpetual four year old mode, pointing to anything they see and screaming, "But that's not fair." Or, as Prager says:
Everyone, whether able to articulate it or not, has a values system. The trick -- often a difficult trick -- is to isolate precisely what those values are. The Left is now, as it has always been, the child of the French Revolution and of Karl Marx. For both, the greatest evil is not injustice, not cruelty, not even murder; it is inequality.
But as I keep telling my kids, life isn't always fair -- and they wouldn't want it to be. I've often asked them this type of question: "Bookworm Girl, if I give your brother a toy gun for his birthday, do you want that for your birthday, too?" Well, no. It turns out she really doesn't want to be treated with precise fairness. What she really wants is justice, a much harder quality to define and effectuate. To Dennis Prager, it's the subtle but dramatic difference between perfect equality and real justice that separates the political infants from the adults (with Alito falling in the latter category):
That is why Judge Alito is so frightening to the Left. He truly believes that the purpose of a judge and of the Supreme Court is to apply the law in as agenda-free a manner as humanly possible. He knows that the role of the Supreme Court is not to promote socioeconomic equality but to preserve the rule of law.
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