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Monday, January 16, 2006

Democratic Bizarro World

My understand of Bizarro World (a concept from the old Superman comic book) is that everything in Bizarro Land is sort of the same, but weirdly different. (Seinfeld did an incredibly funny episode based on this premise.) I mention this because Bert Prelusky did an amusing column pointing out how bizarre Democratic reactions have become to everyday situations:

Does it make any sense that Americans, in the wake of 9/11, would carry on as if eavesdropping on suspected terrorists or monitoring their library books marked the end of civilization? Are liberals so unaware that there are millions of Muslims who want nothing more or less than to exterminate all of us infidels? Do they regard Islamic fascism as just another offbeat political faction, sort of like the Green Party? All I know is that they seem like lemmings who, not merely satisfied to go off the edge of the cliff themselves, are determined to take the rest of us with them. Do they honestly believe, as they so often say, that they regard evangelical Christians as a greater threat than Al Qaeda; that they think that the Palestinian suicide bombers and the so-called insurgents in Iraq are very much like this nation’s forefathers? It’s obvious that I didn’t read those portions of the history books that dealt with Washington’s sawing the heads off English civilians and Jefferson’s massacring school children in London. *** How is it that a totally undistinguished Pennsylvania congressman named John Murtha can achieve overnight canonization in the liberal media by demanding a deadline for the withdrawal of the American military from Iraq -- a deadline which can serve no other purpose but to demoralize our troops and encourage our enemy? And if you have the effrontery to question the congressman’s judgment, you can count on being reminded in no uncertain terms that Rep. Murtha served in the military. Yes, he did…a very long time ago. However, for the past 30-odd years, he has fed off the public trough just like all those other lay-a-bouts in Washington.
It certainly is true that modern liberals seem to have lost the self-defense mechanism that is essential to all species' survival. I can see, therefore, that Democrats won't survive the long haul. My fear, of course, is that their blunted instincts will take us down with them. (And for a related "will an entity in decline take others down with it," see this post I did about Venezuela.)