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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More on Hollywood's warped morality

Cinnamon Stillwell blasts the perverted, propagandistic Hollywood morality that was put on parade at the Golden Globes. She works her way down the list of sordid, unappealing, morally backwards movies, leaving us in little doubt about why Hollywood's boxoffice is collapsing. I especially appreciated her bit about the artificial hype Hollywood creates around these movies (most notably Brokeback Mountain), not only to entice people to the theaters (something at which they're not succeeding), but in an effort to make their morality seem like the norm:

The hype surrounding the film was completely self-generated with a propaganda campaign of which Goebbels would have been proud. Before it was even released, the buzz could be heard a mile away and now that it’s in theaters, it has risen to a crescendo. Meanwhile, one has to wonder if box office sales are being inflated by interested parties. In any case, it’s imperative for the cause that Brokeback Mountain be nominated and win every award possible. That way when children look to the entertainment industry for validation that homosexuality is the norm, they will be sure to find it.
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