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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jumping on whatever bandwagon she can find

While it's not clear what else Hillary reads, it's very clear that Hillary reads headlines. Whenever something makes the news, you can be sure that a shrill Hillary attack on the White House won't be far behind. This time, she's blaming the U.S. for the Iran crisis. The thing is, I didn't notice that, when she was in the White House or in the Senate, she was doing or saying anything about the Iran crisis. The NSA intercepts, which got authorized during her husband's administration and which pale in comparison to the domestic spying in which her husband engaged? Total silence until it hit the headlines. Does anyone really want a President who is never there until after it's over? Dumb question, I guess. The MSM is gaga over Good Night and Good News, which hagiographies Murrow, who was one of the last to get on board with attacking the McCarthy hearings. Since it's never news until the MSM gets hold of it, it's totally okay that Hillary never reacts to something until the MSM first brings it to her attention. Talking to Technorati: , ,