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Friday, December 23, 2005

The last word on Katrina's myths

We knew as we were watching, that the MSM was purveying Katrina stories based on two paradigms: (1) Bush is evil and (2) blacks are savages. That is, they tried to show how horrible Bush's response was, and they believed that this response was especially horrible because blacks, in the liberal world view, will descend into the worst type of savagery without the government's steadying hand. (A more racist outlook I find it impossible to imagine, and I'm still bewildered as to why African-Americans cling to the liberal side of the spectrum. But I digress.) What I wanted to say is that Mona Charen does a great wrap-up about the worst canards from Katrina reporting, and winds it up with a grim reminder to all of us:

Now comes the next deluge: the deluge of cash that will rain down on New Orleans and the surrounding area. Louisiana lawmakers have demanded $250 billion in aid. Karl Zinsmeister estimates that this is the equivalent of handing each Louisianan a check for $56,000. This is on top of whatever insurance reimbursements and charitable contributions hurricane victims receive. In the last days before Christmas, Congress was working on legislation to spend $29 billion on levee repair, new pumping stations, and a variety of other services to Louisiana residents. Sen. David Vitter called it a "down payment." All of this spending will go to the most corrupt state in the nation, and will doubtless be disbursed primarily to the good friends of politicians. And this miscarriage of public policy will be due entirely to myths.