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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Bringing a little complexity to Spielberg's childish inanities

Here's an article I really like. It challenges Spielberg; it challenges "Munich," the movie; and it provides actual historical facts to counter the fantastic, amoral melange that Kushner and Spielberg offer as historical reality in their new movie. By the way, speaking of new movies, think about this: Time Magazine devoted a huge cover story to Munich, as if it were news. In its latest edition, Newsweek gives its end of the year cover to the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie. Just one question: Is this news. Can anybody take these magazines seriously anymore when they are as breathlessly promoting upcoming movies as a studio's own promotion department, and with the same drooly, smoochy style as People magazine? Now, I'll freely admit that I gave up on these magazines a long time ago, but I do wonder if these breathless encomiums for movies, and this effort to elevate them to "news" status will alienate some more intelligent members of their crowd of current subscribers. These magazines, since their inception in the 1920s and 1930s used to be news lite. Now they're just lite, no news. Eventually, people are going to catch on.