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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Scary and sad

This is an incredibly scary and sad story about the fact that high schoolers are using OxyContin in ever increasing numbers. What was really frightening about the story is the fact that kids who are successful in school seem to be attracted to the drug because it's expensive (must be good, right?) and, even more to my point, less scared of the drug because it's legal (at least with a prescription). I've always been pretty libertarian in my belief about drugs, thinking that they should be legalized because people should be given the right to trash their bodies if they want (I also think we should tax the heck out of them if they're legal). I also thought that teenagers, being as oppositional as they are, would be more likely to use something illegal, not less likely -- precisely because it is illegal. To hear these kids say that part of OxyContin's attraction is its legality may have me rethinking my entire stand regarding legalizing drugs. By the way, I've never been drawn to illicit drugs, both because I perfer legal to illegal conduct and because I'm such a control freak, I find horrifying the thought of something working in my brain. Creeps me out.