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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Reason No. 438,749,395,038,945 to get rid of the UN

Turkeyhead, of Scott's Conservative News and Commentary, directed my attention to the latest UN outrage. As LGF's alert readers noted, the UN is now directly funding PA propaganda that implicitly calls for Israel's destruction. In a way, though, this can be viewed as a good thing. Think about it. First, Cindy Sheehan, through the loving 24-hour coverage the MSM is lavishing on her, is revealing herself to be ever more weird, ugly and hate-filled. Next, the ACLU, which has been given quite an enjoyable ride from our judicial system, reveals that it believes all religious people are murderous fanatics. And now the UN, which has had decades of unconditional love from a lenient press and a left-wing Europe, is also getting careless about hiding its true foulness. The only difference is that Sheehan, being an individual and not a lumbering institution, simply slipped her mask more quickly.