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Monday, August 15, 2005

Another frustrating conversation with a liberal

Here's another in my series of frustrating conversations with liberals. I noticed this story on Drudge about Cindy Sheehan's latest attack against Israel. I commented to my friend that Sheehan is very anti-Israel, uses a lot of anti-Semitic code, and hangs with anti-Semitic, anti-Israel organizations. My friend's response: "That's not true. The NY Times hasn't said anything about that." My friend is correct -- as far as I can tell, the NY Times has been utterly silent about Sheehan's darker side. What's horrifying is that, in the liberal world, if the NY Times is silent, it doesn't exist. I instantly summoned up several authorities, not just opining about Sheehan's ugly views, but actually quoting her words,* but my friend was unimpressed: "The Times hasn't said anything." Really, it makes me want to weep. *Caution: This last link quotes Sheehan with approval and is extremely anti-Semitic in its outlook -- which, of course, provides a useful window into the code words Sheehan uses, and the kind of people she represents. UPDATE: When I first had the frustrating conversation described above, I immediately went to the Crawford Peace House website to show my friend the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel fellow travelers Sheehan is fronting for, and found -- nothing. It was utterly innocuous, which confused me, considering everything I'd read about it. Turns out that the Crawford Peace House, realizing that being upfront about it's actual goals might alienate people, toned down its website. I've since learned, courtesy of Power Line, that Solomonia's Research was able to cache the original website, showing the Crawford Peace House's actual agenda. UPDATE II: If you want an excellent post summarizing most of the information about Sheehan herself, and about her "friends", check out this IWF post.