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Friday, August 12, 2005

If I wasn't for Roberts before, I would be now

I know that people in the San Francisco area reading this nugget, began screaming and firing letters off to Barbara Boxer asking her to sacrifice her body, to do anything, to prevent Roberts from getting on the Supremes:

As a Justice Department lawyer in the early 1980s, John Roberts said it was regrettable that the Reagan administration had not pressed the Supreme Court to uphold a Texas law barring the children of illegal immigrants from attending public schools, according to documents released Thursday.
My reaction was the opposite, of course. I think it's insane that we provide benefits, including education (in some states, this includes special college benefits), for children who are here illegally. If you want to stop an illegal activity (such as sneaking into this country), you don't do it by providing a huge incentive, at taxpayers' expense, in the form of free education and healthcare. And if we think the latter is more important than safe meaningful borders, we should just admit it and open our borders without any further pretense that we have an immigration policy.