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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The MSM quivers with excitement

The MSM is a'quiver with excitement over Cindy Sheehan's protest. They're unconcerned with the facts -- such as her son's being an adult and having reenlisted at the time of his death -- and just adore the thought that she might be the one to bring the much hated president down. Thus, instead of viewing her as a sad woman playing out her personal tragedy in the public forum, they're trying to elevate her to the status of the marching mothers in Argentina, who brought down a military dictatorship by putting their lives at risk to march in the public square. The Argentinian mothers' act was one of incredible bravery in the face of a brutal totalitarian government. Cindy Sheehan's act is just a form of public exhibitionism, akin to letting it all hang out on Oprah. The MSM should be sophisticated enough to tell the difference -- but it has no desire to achieve that analytical level. UPDATE: The Anchoress has posted about Sheehan's vigil, and focused her attention on the company Sheehan now keeps -- anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic organizations. The Anchoress generously believes that these people are using Sheehan for their own nefarious ends, but I have to agree with the Anchoress's son, who believes that Sheehan is glorying in the attention. This is someone who has finally achieved the American dream of 15 minutes of fame. UPDATE II: Unsurprisingly, Michelle Malkin has a complete wrap-up of the frantic excitement characterizing the MSM and fellow-travelers.