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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

War is Hell

Here's Ann Coulter on why we lost in Vietnam, and why the Left's constant harping on casualties and failure is an attempt to doom any military action now:

We lost it because of broadcasters like Walter Cronkite going on and saying, 'We're losing. We're losing. The red coats are coming. It's over.' Demoralizing the American people, a Democratic Congress not backing our allies. And that's why I don't really understand the point about carping about every casualty, every bombing, every death. War is hell. That's why people say war is hell. At no point during a successful war, I mean, nobody would say after D-day, 'Well, that went well.' When Americans are dying you never say that's a great thing. But to say we're losing the war is preposterous.
Think about it: during WWII, you constantly heard, as much as the Press was able to, reports about Allied advances. And before the war progressed to a point where there actually were Allied advances, you heard about the Brave British. Vietnam began the pattern of "war reporting as body count." The Iraq War takes this a step further with body counts (which often dishonestly include the bodies of the paramilitary death squad members killed in an attack); and unhinged mothers who are deemed to have inherited some unexpected brilliance about the entire world situation because of their personal (and real) tragedy; and Iraqi citizens complaining (rightly) about the difficulties of living in Iraq; and nothing more. You have to go to Chrenkoff to find out that really good things are happening. As far as the MSM is concerned, these things don't exist, and it would defeat their agenda if you learned of them.