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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Injustice in America

While the usual groups are getting upset about just about anything Pres. Bush does, there really are some profound injustices taking place in America:

The latest insanity in the war on drugs comes to you from Georgia. As The New York Times reported last week, the feds arrested 49 convenience store clerks and owners — essentially for selling legal cold and allergy pills. 'Operation Meth Merchant' is the government's way of making store clerks act as drug-enforcement agents — or if they don't, they could face jail time. The feds enticed informers to tell the clerks they were buying cold pills or other products so they could 'cook up' methamphetamines. That would make the store clerks guilty of a crime, if they knowingly sold to would-be meth-makers. Most of the defendants are Indian immigrants who don't understand English particularly well — and certainly don't know American slang. They're not drug dealers. They're working stiffs — yet they face sentences of up to 20 years in prison.