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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Fifth Column strikes again

If you were in any doubt whatsoever about Hollywood's intense animus to George Bush, the Iraq War and, quite possibly, America itself, read this article by Jason Apuzzo detailing the horribly anti-American, pro-terrorist movies already in the pipeline in Hollywood, and this Michael Fumento column about how the new show Over There does a profound disservice to American and the American military. Then, start thinking about what to do. Some ideas: 1. Boycott Hollywood entirely. Actually, this might not be such a good idea. It turns out, according to the Apuzzo article, that these vile films are Hollywood's response to a general revenue decline, because Hollywood types think they can placate their shareholders by making controversial films. If Hollywood's revenues drop further, who knows what they'll do. They might pay large sums of money to Bin Laden to do a favorable biopic. Maybe they'll even rustle up some vets (preferably Jewish vets) for Al Qaeda to execute -- verisimilitude, you know. 2. Boycott these disgraceful movies, while turning out en masse for movies with sound values (Narnia, anybody?). Of course, Americans have already been doing precisely this for many years, with Hollywood so not following the money. Love Hollywood hotshots or hate them, they certainly are principled in their anti-Americanism. Otherwise, why would they they continue to espouse it, even when doing so is not in their economic interest? Any other ideas?