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Friday, May 13, 2005

Bush, the scofflaw

The Democrats are all atwitter over this story:

Remember the bike ride President Bush was taking when the Capitol and White House (as well as DNC HQ) were evacuated the other day? Well it turns out that there's no bikes allowed on the trails where Bush was riding.
The Demos seem unfazed by the fact that it is rational for the President, who is the head of the federal government and who would have an impossible time riding on public access trails, to be given special access to a federal trail. Indeed, judging by the myriad comments to this post at "Kicking Ass," the DNC's website, that fact that he is the President only makes it worse:
Well I guess it goes to show you that Georgie doesn't have to follow rules I guess, just because he's President. This is BS. He thinks he's so SPECIAL. A SPECIAL CASE MAYBE!It just seems like every day, there's always something about Georgie that upsets me. I sure if John Kerry saw that sign, he wouldn't have ridden his bike through that trail. Oh well that's the difference between John Kerry and Georgie. John Kerry does the RIGHT thing. I'm sure you'll agree with me on this one, J. What do you think,J?
Or how about this one?
You know if Bill Clinton did this Ken Starr would have sent twenty subpoena to park employees and demanded impeachment. The hypocracy is stunning. Everyday is Watergate in Bushworld.
Or this one?
The sign said no bikes, not tricycles. No wonder Spunky got confused.
When one visitor had the temerity to point out, as I did above, that the President is in a unique position, and was extended the same special rights as an ordinary movie star, he was slapped firmly:
Bush can pull down his pants and tell everyone to kiss his lily white a** and every Republican in the country will find away to defend his inappropriate behavior. Signs are posted prohibiting bikes. If one can't follow the laws, one has no right to legislate laws. Has the Republican mindset always been "do as we say, not as we do"? And you wonder why we think you repugnants are a bunch of bible toting scripture quoting hypocrites. Please Dave, continue to excuse the stupidity of this administration. It's proven so effective thus far (sarcasm off)
I find all of this obsession with small rules impressive from the party that vigorously defended (and still defends) a President charged with rape and sexual harassment, a President who admitted to a sleazy adulterous liason with a woman his daughter's age, and a President who's been involved with a lot of questionable financial matters and financial characters. Methinks they doth protest way too much.