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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Britain died a little more today

There's a really bad, early Star Trek : The Next Generation episode in which the crew returns to Federation headquarters in San Francisco. They discover that the Federation leadership has been trimmed to a few whose faces are recognizable, but whose brains have been taken over by evil aliens. Of course, the Star Trek crew prevails. I don't think, though, that the once stalwart British, a nation that served as the cradle for so many admirable western ideas, can ever recover from the the evil that's now taking over its collective brain. This is the beginning of a disheartening article in the Jerusalem Post:

As students bought lunch and coffee at London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) campus, the Islamic call to prayer, 'Allahu Akbar,' blasted repeatedly through several speakers situated around the student union. 'If you want to work for Islam, you must give your heart, if you want to get to heaven, do what the prophet said, peace be upon him,' bellowed a melody. SOAS, scene to a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents in recent months, has issued a threat to one of its Jewish students to cease his protests against anti-Semitism at the university. Gavin Gross, an American, has been leading a campaign against the deterioration of conditions for Jewish students at SOAS, which is part of the University of London. He recently received a letter from the school's director, Colin Bundy, threatening him with 'an investigation under the disciplinary code.'
There's more. Read it if you want to be depressed.