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Thursday, May 12, 2005

There's a method to the Bolton madness

David Limbaugh opines that the Democrat's aggressive (and, to my mind, often ridiculous) attacks against Bolton are motivated solely by the fact that they dislike Bolton himself, although I'm sure they do. Bolton is merely a proxy for their determination to derail Bush's international policies, argues Limbaugh here:

It's about President Bush's 'unilateralism,' the Bush Doctrine, preemption, the Axis of Evil, those ephemeral or non-existent weapons of mass destruction, Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. It's about the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, American sovereignty, France, Germany, Russia and Cuba. It's about the United States' evil nuclear superiority. It's about the United States provoking Islamic terrorists to attack Americans on American soil. It's about Democrats flexing their muscles about all these issues to make sure the United States rarely flexes hers. The Democrats cannot countenance John Bolton's appointment, because unlike most career bureaucrats at the State Department, he will seek to carry out the president's foreign policy agenda. Such an unprecedented move must not be permitted to happen. Where would the world be, after all, if President Bush didn't have appeasement-oriented liberals at state and in foreign ambassadorships to hold him in check?
I can't add to that. I think Limbaugh's right. That Bolton dared put his hands on his hips when scolding an employee, or that he had the temerity to transfer ineffective employees out of his department could all be forgiven if the Democrats were not so sure that Bolton not only believes in Bush's foreign policies, but can be counted on to carry them out effectively.