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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Democratic principles

Having read the Justice Scalia profile in The New Yorker, I was talking to a friend of mine about the fact the profile's author, in a tone that I thought was critical, took Scalia to task for bringing to his decision-making the traditional American/Roman Catholic belief system that frames his world. From there, we drifted into my contention that liberals will accept any rationale for decision-making except for religion. My friend commented that he found it interesting, as we talked, what a different view of liberals we have. He believes that they have principles, but that their principles are dead wrong; I believe they are immoral, since I believe that their world-views are so self-referential as to be devoid of guiding principles (a subject I posted on here). After looking at the issue some more, I've decided (as I often do) that this friend is right. A principle, after all, is "A basic truth, law, or assumption." (See definition number 1 for "principle" in the The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.) To me, principles mean traditional principles, pretty much defined at the top by the Ten Commandments, and working down from there. But if you accept that principles are not the same as traditional values, but are, in fact, simply a group's guiding belief systems, the liberals have lots of them. I'm starting here a list of the defining principles that guide liberals in their decision-making, at both political and social levels. You should feel free to chime in, here or on your own blogs, with more: 1. White men are evil. 2. White men have as their primary goal the subjugation of women and minorities. 3. All women are victims of white men. 4. All minorities are victims of white men, and of some white women. 5. Neither minorities nor women will ever be able to achieve any type of success, in any area of endeavor, without government aid (presumably because it takes the heft of the government to defeat the evil visited on them by white men). 6. People who embrace traditional religious values are stupid (I actually heard someone say this, using those words). 7. People who embrace traditional religious values hate minorities, women and poor people. 8. If people who embrace traditional religious values are for something, then liberals must by definition be against it. 9. Jesus would have been a Democrat. 10. Only judges can be trusted to make laws that protect people from white men and religious people. UPDATE: I've just read Anna Quindlen's "why Terri would want to die" column in Newsweek, so I'll add my Demo Principle No. 11: Die young, stay pretty. UPDATE II: Regarding Principles 1, 2 and 3 (evil white men and their effect on women), check out this article by Mike S. Adams regarding the feminist insanity at UNH.