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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What about Dole for President in 2008?

My friend and I were talking about viable Republican candidates in 2008. He bandied about Condi's name, but I just don't think a few years as Sec'y of State is enough to get the voters to put her in the White House. Cheney is currently refusing to run (and people may be dubious about his heart health). McCain is too much of a wild card (and people may be dubious about his, what was it?, cancer). And so the no-list grows. Hillary looks like an unstoppable juggernaut simply because there is no one there to stop her. And then I thought, what about Elizabeth Dole? She's fiercely intelligent, a seasoned politican by now, and a credentialed conservative. It would certainly be an interesting match-up, wouldn't it?