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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Money buys justice

As this Power Line post points out, that the party with the most money gets the best lawyers and the best outcome, and that's probably what happened in the Schiavo case, where Michael had his malpractice money to play around with. I will add, though, that tenacity counts for something, and I've seen small lawyers who become personally committed to cases simply wear the other side out. Usually, a big firm lawyer is accountable to his partners, who will not allow him to over-litigate a case, whereas a small lawyer with a bee in his bonnet may hang onto a case like grim death. In the Schiavo case, though, as the Power Line post makes clear, the real fight began at the appellate level, by which time the Shiavos had already been so effectively outlawyered, they had no room to maneuver.