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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Conservatives -- the new blacks on college campuses?

The WaPo did a lengthy article on a just-released study that once again demonstrates that our colleges and universities – especially those that view themselves as elite – are awash in liberals, more so than even the WaPo expected. The WaPo article is worth reading, but I don't find anything in it especially quotable. What it did leave me wondering, though, is how the study's results are going to play out. I'm quite sure that, fairly quickly, the liberal media will play it out as demonstrating that conservatives are more stupid, less intellectually capable, than liberals. The conservatives, of course, will point to the fact that the hiring and tenure tracks at these institutions rest in the hands of people who make no bones about finding conservatives evil. And it just strikes me that, if this plays out as I suspect, the parties' respective positions will parallel very closely the situation when blacks were not admitted to institutes of higher education. Then, too, the guardians of those institution took refuge behind ideas such as stupid or incapable, while those being denied admission understood the true bias driving the decision-making.