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Thursday, January 05, 2006

They don't write cases like this anymore

This comes from the opening paragraph of a 1919 case involving the death of a Pomeranian at the paws of an Airedale:

From the evidence it appears that on said day the Pomeranian, attended by two maids, was pursuing the even tenor of its way upon the street, "tarrying" now and then and occupied with matters entirely his own, when the Airedale, an arrogant bully, domineering and dogmatic, being beyond the reach of the sound of his master's voice and having evaded the vigilance of his keeper (for the maids and the man were vigilant), dashed upon the scene, and with destruction in his heart and mayhem in his teeth pounced upon the Pomeranian with the result already regretfully recorded; the plaintiff's dog had had its day. It crossed to that shore from which none, not even a good dog, ever returns.
Roos v. Loeser (1919) 41 Cal.App. 782 [183 P. 204].