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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Proving my point

Last week, Neo-Neocon riffed of my Crypto-Conservative article. The point in my article was that I hide my conservatism because there doesn't seem to be a point in revealing it to the liberals around me. I don't anticipate intelligent debate -- only animosity. My point has been proven over the last few days. If you look at the comments to Neo-Neocon, you'll see one from Aqualung, and one from me rebutting Aqualung. Aqualung then sent me a fairly civil email castigating me for mindless conservatism, and I replied. After a few rounds of this, it was pretty clear that he wanted to (a) insult me and (b) boast. No facts; no argument. I ended this correspondence by suggesting that, since my blog is the repository of my thoughts, he should just visit there. He did, and I got this email from him:

I read some more of your blog today; even commented a few times. Try as I might, I just couldn't get into it, it is just so... boring and predictable. A collection of right-wing idolatries, sprinkled with a few vacuous comments from like-minded bots. Well, I gave it a good look. Best o' luck with it. I'm sure you'll change a lot of people's world view with this stuff, if they can stay awake long enough to read any of it.
Again, no facts, just insults. As he says, he did leave a few comments, which were all in the same vein. In a fit of pique, I deleted them, and am now sorry I did so. They so perfectly exemplify precisely what I want to avoid by staying under cover. UPDATE: Aqualung sent me an email inviting me to his blog (although he forgot his blog address):
You've got me blogging again. Feel free to post. Not being a fascist, I won't censor you. [Emphasis mine.]
My response:
You wouldn't have to censor me, Richard, because I'd never be rude. It wasn't the ideas I objected to, it was the rudeness. I'll always take civility. And you do understand that private parties -- and it is my blog, after all, not a government entity -- are totally free to censor, don't you?