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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Are you ready for the best article yet about Munich?

Rachel Neuwirth was to have been one of the Israeli athletes in the 1972 Olympics, but fate left her in Israel, saving her life. She's a courageous woman, because she had the stomach to see Munich and, at The American Thinker, she's written a blistering review about that movie. It's a long article, but you'll get a sense of it from these quotations:

I feared how Hollywood, even if it was Stephen Spielberg, would depict this tragedy but I finally went to see the film. Munich was worse than I had feared. It left me appalled and enraged. I felt violated. The film debased the memory of my friends. It exploited a horrifying atrocity. It slandered the brave Israeli volunteers who were ready to sacrifice their lives to seek justice and to risk orphaning their children in this dangerous but necessary assignment. Terrorists had to learn they could not murder Israelis abroad with impunity and that the perpetrators of this atrocity would not live to plot another one. *** But this film is not about reality or about presenting a truthful account of the aftermath of Munich. It is about Steven Spielberg—his spin on history, his ego, and his arrogance in thinking that he has special wisdom and insights about how to bring peace. He may believe that the ends justify the means so he has license to twist the truth to promote peace. But “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” *** Spielberg didn’t search for the moral or factual truths. He didn’t spend time in Israel or meet with both Jewish and Arab victims of Islamist terror. Instead, he used the fraudulent book Vengeance. Its author, George Jonas, was exposed years ago as having lied about his contacts with Israel’s Mossad. The book’s title, Vengeance, is inherently biased and pejorative. Israel did not go after the terrorists out of vengeance, but rather as part of its ongoing war against terrorism. Spielberg’s screenwriter, Tony Kushner, was no better an influence than Jonas. A political ultra leftist, Kushner co-authored the vehemently anti-Israel volume Wrestling with Zion, and is infamous for his comment that “I wish modern Israel hadn’t been born.” In addition, two of Spielberg’s consultants for the movie were Bill Clinton and his obedient Middle-East negotiator, Dennis Ross—both of whom had their own agendas and both of whom failed to secure peace when they were in power. Spielberg’s reliance on these sources for such an important film is ethically irresponsible. The bare-bones, non-technical term for Spielberg’s spin is lying. Spielberg exploits the respect and betrays the trust of audiences who believe in him. Spielberg plays fast and loose with history most clearly when he brazenly substitutes his own political voice for Golda Meir’s documented statements. [Emphasis mine.]
Neuwirth's lengthy article, heavily bolstered with actual facts, makes it clear that Spielberg has engaged in a grotesque piece of propaganda -- and one that, because of his influence, may have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences -- solely based upon his own blinkered view from La-La land. This is scary and horrific. It's like have the a comic book become the template for foreign policy.