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Saturday, December 31, 2005

More activity from the Religion of Pieces

Just in time to end the old year and begin the new, the Religion of Pieces once again carries out its dastardly plan to reduce non-Muslims to their component parts:

Eight people have been killed and dozens injured when a bomb tore through a Christian market stall selling pork in Indonesia's religiously divided province of Central Sulawesi, police have said. The latest blast to rock the restive area came as security forces across the archipelago nation were on high alert for potential Islamic extremist attacks during the New Year period. Mostly Christian shoppers had thronged the stall to buy pork, which is forbidden for Muslims, for New Year's Eve celebrations later Saturday night, police said. Workers from the four hospitals where victims were ferried gave individual tolls to AFP that tallied to eight, with the latest victim being a 13-year-old boy who died after massive blood loss. The number of injured in the blast was 48, police said earlier. Security minister Adisucipto, quoted by the state Antara news agency after a cabinet meeting in West Java, said the attack was "related to terror networks which have so far been active in Indonesia. "There are groups that aim to create instability. We are trying with maximum effort, along with the national police chief and intelligence chief, to immediately solve this case," he said. National police spokesman Paulus Purwoko said that the blast did not bear the hallmarks of on-the-run Malaysian militant Noordin Mohammad Top and his group "because they normally target foreigners". Television footage showed helmeted police along with survivors carrying the bloodied victims, many of whom were Christians, to cars amid the chaos. "We have sealed the area for fears of more unidentified bombs," Rawang said soon after the blast. "Most of the victims suffered injuries to their legs because of the shrapnel from the bomb." Yandri Tumiwa, a meat seller at the market who escaped the blast, said on ElShinta radio that the explosives contained "nails and metal pieces" which had damaged his own stall, just two meters (six feet) from the bomb.