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Friday, December 30, 2005

Quack, quack, quack

It's a good thing I like it wet:

Residents snapped up free sandbags as the latest in a string of powerful storms began moving in Friday, days after brutal downpours drove Northern California rivers to their highest levels in seven years. The Pacific Ocean storm, paired with another forecast to hit Sunday, could add as much as 6 inches of rain to the already water-logged region, said Diana Henderson, a National Weather Service forecaster based in Monterey.
This is the wettest December I can remember since the early 1980s, when we had a series of incredibly wet winters. Those winters stick in my mind, since I drove a very old car then, and it invariably broke down on the freeway whenever a storm broke overhead. I thank my lucky stars everyday for reliable cars and cell phones! But I digress (as I often do). Sitting here now, I have the rain and wind thundering outside my window and, on my lap, an uncomfortable little dog who absolutely refuses to do her business when it's so wet outside! It will be a fine day when they figure out indoor plumbing for the more delicate canines among us.