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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Word gets around

Here is Roger Simon's follow-up on Neo-Neocon's thoughts about my American Thinker article about hidden conservatives. By the way, to see how one of the more strident bloggers on the Left is perceiving it, you can check this out. What I've got to say next doesn't really rise to the level of an individual post, but I'll throw it in here, since it relates to my being wedded to my "crypto-conservatism." I remember a long time ago -- perhaps shortly after U.S. troops invaded Iraq or even Afghanistant -- a journalist describing the training they underwent to prepare for possible kidnapping. One of the things he described was being taught to be the gray man -- or, in other words, the one who isn't noticed -- as a survival strategy. My parents taught me that, too, although never in those words. As I've posted before, they both went through some of the worst WWII had to offer (as did many I know), and both learned through the school of hard knocks that your greatest chance of surviving is not to be noticed. At school, my parents urged me not to make noise, not to be obvious. Same with their advice at work. I've been trained, and trained well, to blend in so as to survive. Maybe that's a hard habit to break. UPDATE: Read this article about the travails of one brave young man trying to start a Conservative Club at his high school. He's on the receiving end of both direct and indirect opposition. His political education through the schools, to date, has involved being told that Republicans are evil.