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Thursday, December 29, 2005

More adventures among liberals -- but I had the last word

You've all repeatedly read about my conversations with liberals. I usually emerge bemused or frustrated. Yesterday, I emerged triumphant -- and without having started a fight, either. What worked was disingenuously presenting real facts. I never argued, I just kept saying "but I read in the newspaper...." Thus, last night at a dinner party, the conversation got around to how poor and uneducated our armed forces are. I didn't pick up on the inflammatory string there, which was clearly about to lead into how Bush grossly exploited the downtrodden to have them fight our war for oil. Instead, I just pointed out that the most recent study shows that this is not true. That, in fact, our volunteer forces are middle class. What they are not is urban. I suggested, politely, that to urban eyes, these middle class youngsters therefore appear unsophisticated. The urbanites then concluded, wrongly, that they're poor and uneducated. Everybody was amazed, and this conversational thread just died politely. Worked really well, and at least four people left my dinner table with some real meat to chew on for their next conversation.