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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another "compassionate" Democrat reveals the ugly side of his party

Do you have a Wall Street Journal subscription? If you do, be sure to read this article, that addresses the ugly, open secret about Democratic hatred for black Republicans. It's written by a black Republican who ran a homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles. Fair use let's me give you this paragraph, and you'll have to scramble around for your own copy of the WSJ for the rest:

Recently, I was invited to address a local Republican Women's Club; my landlord read an article in the local paper reporting on the event. Soon after, I received a notice raising the Dome Village rent from $2,500 a month to $18,330. Shocked, I inquired as to the seriousness of the change and the property owner blurted out that the cause of our "eviction" was "because you are Republican." He said that as a Democrat, he was tired of helping me and the Dome Village. In other words, let the homeless be damned.
UPDATE: Curt, at Flopping Aces, took the ball and ran with it. He has amazing information about Hayes, the man whose entire homeless shelter is being evicted because of his political beliefs. I wonder how soon it will be before the ACLU is lining up to defend him. (Hint: I'm not holding my breath.)