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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Islam, Rape, and Orwellian Newspeak

In an article that has simply nauseating content, Sharon Lapkin details the hundreds of violent rapes that Muslim men are visiting on women all over the world. In each case she describes, the Muslim men used their religion, and the rape victim's lack of same to justify their conduct. I still feel shaken having read the descriptions she provides of rapes in Australia, Norway, Sweden, France, England, etc. Weirdly, though, what left me even more shaken was the response to these rapes from those in power. It wasn't what you'd think. It wasn't government officials and media outlets demanding harsh retribution. It wasn't women's groups standing arm in arm outside mosques and embassies. Instead, the response takes the form of accusations that those who have pointed out this alarming -- and explicit -- trend are racists and, in a horrible reversion to an early mentality, that it's all the victim's fault:

In Australia, when journalist Paul Sheehan reported honestly on the Sydney gang rapes, he was called a racist and accused of stirring up anti-Muslim hatred. And when he reported in his Sydney Morning Herald column that there was a high incidence of crime amongst Sydney’s Lebanese community, fellow journalist, David Marr sent him an e-mail stating, “That is a disgraceful column that reflects poorly on us all at the Herald.” Keysar Trad, vice-president of the Australian Lebanese Muslim Association said the gang rapes were a “heinous” crime but complained it was “rather unfair” that the ethnicity of the rapists had been reported. Journalist Miranda Devine reported during the same rape trials that all reference to ethnicity had been deleted from the victim impact statement because the prosecutors wanted to negotiate a plea bargain. So when Judge Megan Latham declared, “There is no evidence before me of any racial element in the commission of these offences,” everyone believed her. And the court, the politicians and most of the press may as well have raped the girls again. *** Oslo Professor of Anthropology, Unni Wikan, said Norwegian women must take responsibility for the fact that Muslim men find their manner of dress provocative. And since these men believe women are responsible for rape, she stated, the women must adapt to the multicultural society around them. The BBC pulled a documentary scheduled for screening in 2004, after police in Britain warned it could increase racial tension. “In these exceptional circumstances... Channel 4 as a responsible broadcaster has agreed to the police’s request...” The documentary was to show how Pakistani and other Muslim men sexually abused young, white English girls as young as 11.
The multiculturalism that has emerged today -- a multiculturalism that has nothing to do with a truly pluralistic society that allows all society members to enjoy equal rights, provided that they don't trample on the rights of others -- has turned into a horrible travesty of itself, with anyone claiming minority status given complete license to abuse women. What's even more scary is that the Left doesn't see the irony. That it doesn't recognize that, having empowered women and moved on to its "next cause," its "next cause" is undoing everything the Left did in the first place to advance women's rights, freedom and safety. And just in case you were wondering, NOW's website is 98% abortion, 1% Mexican "femicides" and 1% cervical and breast cancer. Not a breath, not a word, not a grumble about the most violent, deadly rapes going on all over the world under the umbrella of one of the world's major religions.