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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Looking deep into the future

Mike, at the Deep Freeze, is doing some New Years predictions, and he's asked me to join in. If you check his predictions out, you'll see that they sound very good. So good, in fact, that I may be tempted to lapse into the fortune teller's trick of vague predictions that are bound to come true (e.g., "there will be a huge storm next year"). Anyway, here's my try: 1. I agree with Mike, that Alito will be confirmed, and that the Republicans will not be forced to go nuclear. (Although wouldn't it be fun if they did?) 2. Israel, having given the Palestinians their own little nation state in Gaza, will end up engaged in a full-out war with the Gazans in 2006. The Gazans will initiate the war, Israel will win, and the world community will condemn Israel for defending herself. 3. The President, having been soundly and roundly whipped this year by the MSM, will have learned his lesson. He will cease being such a gentleman, and will come out fighting for each of his initiatives, whatever they are. His poll numbers will rise accordingly. 4. The "case" against Tom DeLay will be dismissed. Nancy Pelosi, however, will not be indicted for her (and her aides') little financial pecadillos. 5. There will be a huge terrorist attack somewhere in Europe. I dread this happening, but I think it will. 6. Some Hollywood star will be splashed all over the tabloids for some sordid sex and/or drug scandal. (I feel that this is a very safe prediction to make.) 7. My statcounter will cross the 50,000 mark, which will be very exciting for me personally, and have absolutely no effect on the world at large. I think this is an excellent meme, and don't want to limit it by naming just a few people. Pick up on it and move it forward. If you do, though, please (a) let me know, so I can check out your predictions; and (b) give Mike credit for a great idea.